Christos DC 

Good morning everyone! Happy Hump Day. This morning I want to talk about an artist I’ve been listening to lately. I discovered him and his music from following Kenyatta Hill (Son of Joseph Hill from the Trio Culture) who I recently posted a blog about, anyways he goes by Christos DC. This guy is amazing! I glad I found him. 

On July 28, 2017 Christos DC released his fourth album Tessera, which is the album I’ve been listening to since it was released. Some of my favorite songs are Communion, (feat Harrison Stanford & Kenyatta Hill) Heart of Gold and Speak the Fire (feat. Zafayah & The Skankin’ Monks). This album is on shuffle and repeat all day. The melodies are sweet, relaxing, and positive. Christos DC’s voice is soft and smooth. I love it. I know I’ve been talking about him for a while now (on twitter)but you should definitely check him out. 

Christos DC is from the DMV area, Washington DC to be exact. I love how he’s a local artist in my region. He’s also doing something positive not only locally, but all around the world. That’s so cool! When you listen to his music you can see how much he appreciates Jamaica, and roots reggae. He also created the independent record label Honest Music. I’m not sure about any other artist on the label yet, but I’ll find out. 

As a new fan, once you find a good artist it only gets better. I’m going to continue to follow him. Have you heard of Christos DC? If not listen to him and let me know what you think. I’m sure you’ll fall in love like I did. 

 Great job Christos DC!! Keep making honest music. 



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