About Me


Hey everyone it’s Mimi.  I’m just your average girl who probably likes some of the same things you do. I originally created this blog for a class I was taking at my local community college, here I am a few months later trying to sort it out.

Anyways, for starters I’m a Sagittarius. When you read about the Sagittarius female your reading about me. I’m by no means an expert on things, but I sometimes give pretty good advice. I enjoy helping others and making people smile. I have a lot of hobbies, writing in a journal being one of them, but I also enjoy music, food, traveling, spending time with my family and friends, movies, sports, festivals, photography, camping, fishing, taking walks, and being outdoors around nature.

I”m a fun person to be around, i have a good sense of humor, I’m naturally loving, caring and kind. I’d love to keep going on about myself, but you’ll find out more about me, my passions, and love for reggae music in my blog.