Secret Garden Music, Arts and Wine Festival

On Sunday July 23rd a couple friends and I decided to go to a local wine festival. Going to local festivals is a hobby of mine. I enjoy the atmosphere, especially at this festival. Secret Garden normally have a series of music, art and wine festivals that start in the early spring and last until early fall. Each wine festival features a specific genre of music, arts, crafts, food venders, and 2 wineries. I love this wine festival because it’s in my local area and it’s definitely a game changer for the county I live in. Here’s a link to the Secret Garden Wine Festival

For one, the county I live in is predominantly white, (no offense) so to have a wine festival that features a different genre of music that’s not popular for the area is great! For the musical line up they had Eclipse International Band, and Kenyatta Hill ‘Jr Culture’. In between sets they had local dj’s doing their thing. One of the DJ’s I like was there. He goes goes by the name of DJ Smally The Golden Touch. He’s got some skills that’s for sure, but he’s also one of my favorite DJ’s because he plays artists I like to listen to from Elephant Man to Jah Cure.

Overall the festival was nice. I got some pictures and video of the festival that I will share. It did start to rain during Kenyatta Hill and Culture’, set which in turn caused me to leave the festival early. I was upset about that because I really like Kenyatta Hill and ‘Jr Culture’ I hope I’m able to see them perform at another time. They were the main group I wanted to see at the festival because I’m a huge reggae lover.

Kenyatta Hill

If your a lover of reggae music, check out Kenyatta Hill. You can also check out Culture which was a trio reggae band that stared Joseph Hill (Kenyatta Hill’s father) who was the original lead member of the group Culture. Pass the Torch

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